If your clients need to book a follow-up appointment, whether it's for further medical tests, a tattoo touch-up, or additional work on their vehicle, our reminders and Booking Form can help with that!

To help clients book a follow-up appointment, we suggest creating a Follow-Up reminder template with the Booking form link in your Reminder settings. The template can look like the following example:

"Hi {{First Name}}! Please click the following link to book your next appointment for {{Service}}: [place link here]. We look forward to seeing you soon."

Don't forget to shorten your Booking link using Bitly.com so it can fit into your reminder template. For tips on how to shorten the Booking form link, please see our article, "How can I include links in reminder messages?".

If you don't want to use the Booking form link or have it enabled for your clients, don't worry! You can create a template with a message like the following for your reminder:

"Hi {{First Name}}! It's time to book your next appointment with us. Please call us at [add business number here] to schedule it or reply to this message with your preferred date and time."

Once you have the reminder template set up to your satisfaction, create a temporary appointment in the New tab or on your GoReminders calendar in the Appointments tab and select the Follow-Up template in the Message(s) drop down on the Appointment Form.

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