GoReminders lets you remind your customers with any text or appointment information that they could possibly need, this way they will always show up on time and prepared. You can edit your Reminder Templates on the Reminder Settings page. On this page you can add any text that you need to both the SMS and email Reminder Templates, and add tags to your templates to dynamically insert Customer or Appointment information. For example, the Template Tag {{First Name}} will become Jane when sending a reminder to Jane Smith.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to customize a Reminder Template:

  1. Log-in to GoReminders, go to Settings and click the Reminders tab.

  2. Under “Reminder Templates” click the drop down arrow to open the drop down menu.

  3. From the drop down menu, select the reminder template you would like to edit.

  4. If editing the SMS version of the reminder template, select the “SMS/Text” tab. Update your reminder message as you wish by typing into the field. To add new Template Tags to your reminder template, click the Template Tags button found within the reminder template field.

  5. To edit the email version of the reminder template, click the “Email” tab. If you’d like the Email version of the reminder template to match the SMS/Text version, click the “Copy SMS”.

  6. Click Save.

You can also create custom reminder messages within a new or existing appointment. For more details about this, see our article, "How can I create a custom message for unique appointments?"

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