It's easy to mark/block off times in your GoReminders calendar and schedule, which helps prevent scheduling appointments when you're unavailable. It's super quick and I show you the process in this video:

I'm going to show you how to block off busy time on your GoReminders schedule. This is a very flexible feature and method that can be used for many different kinds of schedules. It can be used to block off time for vacations, your lunch hour, a personal day, or any other time you're unavailable. 

The first step is to create your customer that you'll use to block off time. Go to the New Appointments page and create a customer that matches your purpose, such as a personal day.

Select None for the Reminder, and schedule your date, time, appointment length, and if it's a repeat appointment or not. For the purpose of this demo, I'll have my Personal Day repeat once a month. I'll save that and go over to my Calendar page where I can easily see my upcoming personal days.

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