Your GoReminders timezone is set to your personal timezone based on where the account was created. 

If you need to schedule appointments in other timezones, enter them using the equivalent time in your personal timezone.

Some GoReminders users who work with multiple time zones schedule appointments with the time that they want the person being reminded to see. For example, if I’m in NYC and I’m creating an appointment for someone in California at 2pm Pacific Time, I would schedule the appointment for 2pm in GoReminders, instead of 5pm, even though my GoReminders account is set to Eastern Time.

The time zone of the GoReminders account only impacts when reminders get sent. For example, if my reminder schedule is set to send reminders a day ahead of time, that means the reminder for the above appointment would be sent at 2pm Eastern Time (11am Pacific Time) a day before the appointment. If the reminder message says, “Reminder about your appointment at 2pm tomorrow,” it still makes sense even though it got sent sent 27 hours ahead instead of 24 hours ahead.

If you’re setting reminders for people in different time zones, you could also use our Message Sequences feature to set different reminder schedules so you could actually have a schedule that would work for each time zone. If you try out GoReminders and want to know more about this feature at that point, let us know.

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