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Free SMS compliance message
Free SMS compliance message

Whenever you send out a blast, any first-time recipients will automatically get a compliance message, free of charge. Read on for details.

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You'll need to know about compliance if you're doing SMS marketing, and this article we wrote goes into further detail about that. We urge you to check that out if you're going to do any kind of text campaigns.

Simply put, recent regulations have mandated making it clear to any message recipients what they signed up for. Which is why we've implemented a feature to send a free text message to each new user to whom you send a blast, with all the legally required disclosures in it.

This will happen automatically, and it doesn't count toward your monthly send limit, and again, it's totally free.

It's important to note that this message is not an opt-in and doesn't contain any specific information how about how frequently your recipients can expect to be texted.

Here's the text that gets sent out, for reference:

"Welcome to text marketing messages for (your business name). Reply STOP to opt out at any point. Msg&Data rates may apply."

Disclaimer: By providing this information we are trying to be as helpful as possible, but this advice is only for informational purposes and is not legal advice. As always, we recommend consulting with appropriate legal counsel and/or your company’s compliance department as needed.

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