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Sending Follow-Up Messages After an Appointment
Sending Follow-Up Messages After an Appointment
Do you want to send a message to say thanks, or to remind customers to book again? Here's info on how you can send follow-up messages.
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This article will explain how you can schedule automatic follow-up messages that get sent after an appointment. Follow-up messages can be scheduled anywhere from 1 hour after an appointment to 30 months after an appointment. You can send two Follow-up Messages per appointment, in addition to the three reminders you are able to use.

Follow-up Messages are part of the Message Sequence feature. Adding Follow-up Messages to a Message Sequence is simple!

  1. Scroll down to ‘Message Templates’ and click ‘Create New’.

  2. Enter a Template Name for your Follow-Up Message.

  3. Enter the follow-up message you would like to send. If you’d like this can include your Booking link or other important links and information.

  4. Once you have the Message Template set up to your satisfaction, click ‘Save’.

  5. Scroll down to ‘Message Sequences’.

  6. You can either Create a New Message Sequence, or click on an existing Message Sequence to add your Follow-up Messages. A pop-up will open for you to create a new Message Sequence or edit an existing one.

  7. Click the ‘Add Follow-up Message’.

  8. Select how soon you want the Follow-up Message to be sent.

  9. Select the Message Template you created for your Follow-up Message.

  10. Add a 2nd Follow-up Message if needed.

  11. Click ‘Save’.

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