There are two ways to create and send a follow-up message to your customers:

Option 1: Create an appointment after the real appointment that uses a follow-up Reminder Template as the Message:

  1. In Reminder Settings, create a Reminder Template with the follow-up message you would like to send. If you’d like this can include your Booking link or other important links and information.

  2. Once you have the Reminder Template set up to your satisfaction, create an appointment in the New Appointment Form. The follow-up message will be sent based on the Reminder Schedule you have set in place and the date/time you have scheduled the appointment for.

    Similarly, you can also use our helpful Message Sequences feature if you'd like the messages to be different, or for the Reminder Schedule to be different than the normal Reminder Schedule you have set.

Option 2: Send a Message Blast by text or email to a single customer or a group of customers with the follow-up message you’d like. For instructions on how to create and send Message Blasts see this article How to Send Message Blasts.

Option 3: Send a direct message to your customer within their appointment reminder message via SMS/Email using the 2-Way SMS/Email Messaging feature. See this article on how to use the 2-Way SMS/Email Messaging feature.

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